Subspace Scrub

Type: Demon
Breed: Forgotten
Sex: Any
State: Madness
Habitat: Subspace; Yggdrasil
Height: 142~190cm
Weight: 40~90kg
Attack Potency: 5,000~10,000J

We’re not too sure if these creatures evolved in the Nill Realms or if they are a transplant, but they are a nuisance on every traveler traveling on foot between the realms. These demons have taken a form similar to a human’s shade, but can disguise themselves as various hominids to lure their prey. They aren’t very intelligent or strong, but they are more than capable of tricking your average human and tearing them limb from limb. Sometimes their cluster take on bizarre properties, like that time The Metal and Buck encountered a group that merged into the Subspace Bozo.

Official Character Art

Terzich’s Codex Pages

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