Mister Sumo

Real Name: Mitsuo Samo
Race: Human?
Age: Unknown
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 148 kg
Occupation: Professional Fighter/Sumo Wrestler; Karaoke Idol
Affiliation: None
Attack Potency: 2.376 x 10^6 J

“Now, I am ending you”

Samo has always been a rather big guy. Even as a young child, he was taller and pudgier than all of his classmates. He wasn’t really bullied too much thanks to the polite nature of where he lived, but as he got older he was pressured into joining a local color gang as their muscle. Live grew rough for him and he eventually dropped out of high school during his second year. Becoming a full-time miscreant, it was inevitable that Samo would have a run-in with Yakuza when someone in his gang decided to operate on the turf of legitimate organized criminals. He failed to save the life of his friend, but after taking twelve bullets and several knife wounds Samo ended up sharing an emergency room with twenty-three members of that Yakuza outfit.

Lucky for him, a coordinator for Sumo wrestling was also in that very same ER and overheard what he did to the other men. The man pulled some strings and, while unorthodox for the nation, got Samo on a reduced sentence in some form of home arrest. From that point forth, Mitsuo Samo began learning the art of Sumo and it came naturally to him. Within just a few years he turned his life around and competed in different tournaments around the world.

That wasn’t enough for Samo, though. Even though he getting older than most of his peers, he wasn’t getting any weaker. If anything he was still improving in every way. He had already made more money than he could ever want and Sumo was no longer fun for him. Then the day came that he was invited to a different “Grand Tournament” than he had known. This was an undisclosed international invitational of only the strongest fighters on the planet. This competition really stretched him as a fighter with him having to learn how to deal with many different fighting styles and abilities. He even learned of abilities he never knew he had. In 2020 after three years of competing, Samo took the title of World Champion but still wasn’t satisfied. What about all the great fighters that weren’t invited? Who else could be out there? He began wandering around looking for new challengers in hopes to get that same rush one gets fighting as a young kid.

Fighting isn’t the only thing he enjoys. Samo actually has a lovely, deep singing voice. He isn’t much of a songwriter, but he often stops at the same bars in the towns he frequents to perform some karaoke. The regulars enjoy him so much singing up there in his just his mawashi that he often receives tips. It’s where the nickname Mister Sumo comes from since many foreigners just see his appearance and assume that’s what he’s saying. It somewhat peeves him, but he lets it slide when his singing brings a smile to someone’s face. His favorite songs to sing are by 80’s hair bands, but he’ll take just about any request.

He likely also had the ability and just didn’t realize it until much later in life, but Samo has the abnormal ability to mitigate kinetic energy using the fat storage of his body. It isn’t known what the upper limit of this power is, though it is definitely more potent than it used to be and has even stopped trucks in their tracks. Combined with his ever-growing herculean strength, this makes Samo and extremely difficult opponent to surmount. In addition, he has also learned several languages along his journeys. He [mostly] fluently speaks Japanese, English, Mandarin, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Swahili, and Arabic.

Official Character Art

Terzich’s Codex Pages

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