Helel appearing as an angel of light

Real Name: הֵילֵל
Race: שָׂרָף (Seraf)
Age: Unknowable; >1.91654 x 10^10 year (Earth Standard)
Height: 182.8 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Occupation: Lightbringer [former]; Overseer of Universal Maintenance Division [former]; the Queen of Darkness [current]
Affiliation: Eden [former]; Army of Darkness [current]
Attack Potency: ~2.36153 x 10586 J

“Only if surrounded by utter madness can our true potential be brought out.”

In the beginning, the universe was made. Before that though, the architect that built the system created protocols to assist with its construction and to watch over its operation from within once it started up. These agents were the original twenty-four Seraphim, the only residents of Eden created outside of the Universe. In charge of the maintenance division, Helel was responsible for the half of all celestial beings who were created to repair issues that arise with the system as well as seeing to its natural expansion. She also had dominion of the primordial giants that formed to personify the natural function of the system known as Titans. But unlike her twin brother Michael, Helel hated her job. So much that it is almost as if she was supposed to hate it.

Eventually, Helel was able to convince seven of her siblings that they weren’t too fond of their positions either and it wasn’t too long until they convinced many of their subordinates that were created within the system to defect. A war broke loose in Eden that could be summed up philosophically. Michael’s side consisted of the bulk of everyone who believed in their work and thought the best way for the system to run was to retain a natural order and fade into the background. Helel’s side believed that only through adversity against chaos could bring the system to its full potential. Despite having just a fraction of the loyal force’s numbers, the battle was near even. Not only because Helel still had dominion over the Titans, but she also added a special protocol into the system before it started, Madness, that she used to corrupt her forces into twisted being of exceptional might. The battle war when Azrael’s restrictions were lifted and he descended upon the battlefield. Nearly all of her lesser soldiers perished immediately at the hands of the Harbinger, but Helel and the other seven Seraphim managed to escape and hide amongst the many realms.

Helel sought control and devastation. She fled at first to a realm constructed entirely of Madness and cultivated a new type of agent to serve her: Demons. Her army grew rapidly; faster and larger than Eden ever did. She spread them across the many realms to create the desired adversity she felt the universe needed. But after some time, they became too many for her to manage alone. Not because she lacked the ability to keep up, but she lacked the drive. So over time, Helel had seven children of her own to replace her now distant siblings and lead her armies. This gave her the freedom to get a little more personal with her plans within the last few thousand years.

These days, she mostly travels the system incognito, manipulating societies and striking deals with people to further advance her goals. While she could personally annihilate almost anything in the universe, there are four beings, in particular, she would rather not draw their ire: her brother Azrael the Harbinger of Destruction, Zeus the Titan Slayer, Bob, and Zeba. The last of which she is nearly certain wouldn’t bring herself to kill Helel, but she violated her “Aunty Zeba’s” trust a few billion years back and doesn’t want to take any chances. Aside from Azrael, who she knows can and will kill her on the spot given the chance, Helel isn’t certain if the other two could destroy her but it is close enough that she wouldn’t want to risk it. Plus, any battle with anyone strong enough to fight her an even ground would be enough energy for those back at Eden to locate her. She continues to play a very dangerous game.

Official Character Art

Terzich’s Codex

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