The form she takes when called Eris

Real Name: Princess Ἔρις of Olympus
Race: Olympian?
Age: Unknown
Height: 162.5 cm
Weight: 54.5 kg?
Occupation: Goddess of Discord in Battle; General; Gate Keeper of Olympus (when she feels like it)
Affiliation: The Vanguard of Olympus
Attack Potency: Unknown

“C’mon, indulge in a little chaos. What could go wrong?”

If you want to learn what people think they know about the most deranged
daughter of Ζεύς you can find any number of myths and books on them in a library or the internet. Though you will get a lot of bad information since many ancient Earthlings often either confused or combined two gods named Ἔρις as the same person. This is ridiculous since you’d never mistake them for the other if you were ever in the same room as both by just their contrasting hair color alone.

This Ἔρις is one of the few children Ζεύς had with his sister Ἥρᾱ and the goddess of discord. Taking more after her mother, Ἔρις has an obsessive fascination with chaos and madness. She’s known for playing pranks on her family and the other Olympians, something she shares with her brother  Ἑρμῆς. The one way she takes after her father most is also what get her in the most trouble. Ἔρις is actually supposed to be one of the first defenses against invading threats to Olympus due to the sheer havoc she can wreak on the battlefield, but she often sneaks away to mess around with the various sapient creatures around the universe, especially Earth.

Also like her parents, she has this weird attraction for one of her siblings: Ἄρης. hypocritically, their parents did not allow this, so she invented a disguise she called Ἐνυώ. After their father discovered their illusion, he forced Ἄρης to marry a nymph named Ἁρμονία to cover it up with everyone else. This did not stop Ἄρης and Ἐνυώ from having relations, but having time to appear as Ἔρις helped silence the rumors.

While not the most powerful of Ζεύς’s children, she is the most crafty. Some argue that wisdom aside, Ἔρις is the most intelligent of her generation and just wastes her aptitude on all the wrong endeavors. Her craftiness actually makes her the most dangerous of her siblings to encounter in combat. Her style is discordant and unreadable, even tripping up Ἀθηνᾶ when they spar. And if being more than powerful enough to sneeze away a galaxy wasn’t the problem, Ἔρις manipulates the Entropy in the area around her to cause as much discord as possible. Often she focuses this through a golden apple of discord like bomb waiting to go off that could result in something simple like people fighting over vanity to distorting the local reality in seemingly impossible ways.

Official Character Art

Terzich’s Codex Pages

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