Miscellaneous Characters

Characters of notable importance that appear in many stories and/or have no major attachment to any specific title. These may be supporting characters, like friends and foes, that get around more than they tend to stay in one place.

Zeba – A tourist from further away than you could fathom who likes to pop around space-time to witness historical events and meet interesting people. You may also recognize her as the mascot of Ex Dynamis Chaos. She’s just cool like that. Say hi to her if you happen to see her around!

Jackrabbit – Once just a normal high school cheerleader, Jacky Harper finds herself with a new set of powers and a whole new look. She became host of a guardian spirit that makes her super fast but at the cost of becoming a literal bunny girl. Now she has to juggle this new responsibility with her every day life.

The Sun’s Jewel no. 1 pg 1

The Jewel – An international jewel thief that grew up at the Shaolin Monastery after she was abandoned in China. Now she uses her skills to steal priceless treasure for sport and occasionally to help someone who has been wronged.

The Renegade– A maximum security prisoner within Limbo who has been pulling strings and moving pieces in the living realms for the last few decades. You might be part of her plan and not even know it.

AwesoMAX short 1 pg 4

Maximus – A super soldier experiment gone wrong, Max is in an all out war against an organization that fixes super fights to manipulate the public. It left him homeless and disrespected by many, but he has to do what he feels is right.

Mistu Samo – Often confusingly called Mr. Sumo instead of his dangerously close sounding real name, Samo does happen to be a sumo wrestler and more importantly a former world champion of the World Grand Tournament held by invitation only every year. He is also known around the world for his mad karaoke skills.

Agent Rivers – A special operative that works for the Paranormal Containment Agency who was the first attempt at creating a super solider by the US military. She was also stricken with a horrible case of bad luck after being born on Friday the 13th.

Jenny Brooks – Jenny is kind of Maximus’ side kick or the closest thing he has to one. She’s an orphan living in an abandoned warehouse that invited him to live with her and they’ve been best buddies since.

Melody – An alien visitor who got stranded her while on her family vacation. Through weird circumstances she and her brother discovered they have incredible powers and ignore their father’s rule not to interfere with this planet’s problems.

Clawdia – Bored with her rut of a life, she volunteered to be part of the first wave of Nekomimi to spice things up. Now she operates as the Fighters Guild official commentary associate in all underground fighting competitions they sponsor.

Savage – A tyrant warmonger exiled from his home on a genocidal rampage while trying to find his way back. He has lay waste to entire planets in his wake for simply refusing to tell him how to get home and is wanted by many gods.

Ta’cole – An interstellar conqueror that has seized nearly half of the territory in the Milky Way. He tried taking over Earth once, but that didn’t go over very well for anyone involved. He is worshiped amongst his people as a god.

The Rose – An Anomaly from a species of plant women. She eventually grew bored of her home world to explore space. She has now found herself in a vengeful war against the Herminian Empire after her traveling companion was killed by their fleet.

The Fury – An Anomaly from a modest and devout species that literally wear their emotions on their sleeves. She got in trouble for sleeping with the wrong people and left the planet after she got bored with fending off their military forces. Now she’s just looking for interesting people to have fun with.

Rudy – A young djinn that’s actively engaged in an adventuring guild in Muspelheim. It’s dangerous for djinn to run around the realm these days, but she doesn’t care because she likes helping people way too much. She’s pretty inventive and likes to use conjuring to solve most of her problems.

Eris – Daughter of Zeus and Olympian Goddess of Chaos. She has an unhealthy relationship with her brother Ares and often slacks on her guard duties to run around playing tricks on people. Still not sure if she is a bad egg or not, but I’d stay clear of her just to be safe.

Freyja – Vanir Goddess of love and war and Queen of the Valkyrjar. A totally separate being yet also the same person as Frigg; it’s complicated. Her main job is leading the Valkyr and overseeing fallen heroes. Wildly regarded as the most beautiful woman in the universe, but that’s up for debate with some stiff competition.

Djinni – The queen of Madness who was trapped in an ancient flask for eternity because of her conquest. Now she must fulfill the first three desires of whomever possess her prison as long as it is within her power to do so.