The Rose

The Rose’s spring bloom

Real Name: Grand Bloom Correlinth of the Eternal Valley
Race: Anomaly (Lavidish)
Age: 318 years [Earth standard]
Height: 152.4 cm
Weight: 43 kg
Occupation: Queen on High
Affiliation: the Eternal Valley
Attack Potency: Unknown

“The jungles of stone you call cities make me uneasy. I can’t even see your star with these man-made trees in the way.”

On a flourishing garden planet named Helarin in the Realm of Animosity, also known as Vanaheimr, all life took a route of evolution in line with what we on Earth call plants. A dominant sapient species emerged that colonized the entire Northern Hemisphere who called themselves the Lavidish. They appear very hominidesque and all appear to have a feminine form, though they all hermaphroditically breed through releasing spores every Summer. Of them grew an Anomaly named Correlinth that became their high ruler through her long lifespan.

After many generations, Correlinth finally grew tired of her home world. Needing to see more of the universe, she chose a living daughter that she could trust to replace her on the throne and took off into the heavens. She had no clue what was out there since they weren’t a space fairing species. They didn’t even really have technology as we think of it; instead they grew species with utility to them through selective breeding. She understood what their star was, the thing that provided them with energy, and began expanding her knowledge from there.

Eventually, she stumbled her through a subspace highway way into the Realm of Entropy, where she met her first off-world sapient life in what was effectively an interstellar truck stop. There, a human saw the flowers that bloomed off her and called her Rose since that what they looked like. She grew very close to this man and traveled with him as he explained to her the wonders of the universe. Despite knowing her name, he always called her Rose. All the way up to when he died in a fire fight with a Herminian fleet. In his memory, She took the title The Rose and swore vengeance against the Herminian Empire.

Official Character Art

Terzich’s Codex Pages

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