Laney Lin

Real Name: Milana Collins
Race: Human (w/ Aesir and Vanir ancestry)
Age: 25
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 82.6 kg
Occupation: Pop Idols
Affiliation: Professional Freelancers [formerly]; Morning Star Records
Attack Potency: 2.275 x 10^6 J

“Duh, I’m here to fight my boo!”

When Miss Collins but a babe she was orphaned. She was too young to know her parents and has no record of them. For most of her life she was shy and kept to herself. Being pretty weird and awkward, Milana was never successfully adopted and spent her years bouncing from one foster home to the next. She eventually aged out of the system and found herself living in an old van her last foster family were gracious enough to gift her right before shoving her out the door to make room for the next needy kid. Shortly after her eighteenth life ceremony, Milana found herself trapped in a life threatening situation surrounded by a gang of unsavory men that wanted whatever she had in her van and possibly more. That’s when The Metal happened to walk by.

After saving her life, The Metal invited Miss Collins back to his place. He didn’t have the room at the time, but she was allowed to park her home outside and come in and out to socialize and use the facilities as she pleased. He told her that she had tons of potential and offered to take her under his wing as his apprentice. She accepted and since then he has called her Laney Lin. The Metal taught her everything she was willing to learn, but they primarily focused on fighting and the arts as he wanted her to be a well rounded individual.

She used to be rather shy and socially awkward, but now she acts a lot like The Metal after shadowing him for a couple years. Laney used to be a lot more of a tomboy and got along well with the rest of the Professional Freelancers. She started dolling up more the higher her confidence grew, for several reasons, and today she appears as girly as any pop idol. Despite the glamour, she is still very much the “dude” with which they used to hang.

Unlike most celebrities, Laney doesn’t date. At all. The reason for which being that she is still hung up on one particular man. The reason she started wearing make-up and more girly clothes in the first place was to try and attract the romantic attention of her mentor whom she slowly began to adore over the time they spent together. His training inherently increased her esteem as she became better at everything and eventually she confessed how she felt. Unfortunately, The Metal did not reciprocate and their relationship grew so tense that she ran away.

Like her mentor, Laney is good at just about everything she could ever need. She is an excellent musician, can speak several languages, could build a house from the ground up, is able to identify every known monster and cryptid, and most importantly could beat up almost anyone she meets. Even of everyone they know, Laney’s combat skills are second only to The Metal himself. She even knows techniques The Metal would refuse to use on another person. Laney is also insanely tough having sparred with The Metal on almost a daily basis. It had become such a habit that she continues to train at the same intensity even after they separated. She even appears on the Fighters Guild’s list of the Top 10 Most Dangerous People on the Planet. Laney also has a unique talent her mentor doesn’t share, since she is a descendant of the Aesir god Baldr and he is not, where she can pick up any musical instrument and transform it into a weapon with a strength and durability equal to her will.

Official Character Art

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