Real Name: Purrcilla Nekomimi (formerly Priscilla Carpenter)
Race: Nekomimi
Age: 27
Height: 152.4 cm
Weight: 74.5 kg
Occupation: Delivery Girl
Affiliation: Neko Meet’yo Needs Delivery Service
Attack Potency: 125,500 J

“Sweet thing, could you grab anywhere else? That’s kind of my spine”

Yes… there are catgirls. It was only a matter of time, going backward or forward, until it happened. Purrcy was one of the first wave of catgirls in the modern day. Back when she was still a human named Priscilla Carpenter she made the mistake of taking a trip to Egypt with The Metal when he was working, thinking she could get a nice vacation out of it. While running security for archaeologists violating local excavation laws, they stumbled upon forgotten technology that could transform people into animal hybrids similar to the land’s ancient deities. Immediately the equipment was abused by the black market with and one man began creating an army of catgirls he calls after the Japanese Nekomimi. The initial test group was entirely consensual with Miss Carpenter volunteering amongst them looking for a new lease on life. With the transformation complete, she changed her identity leaving The Metal the only person from her old life to know she was still alive.

It’s pretty hard for someone that both carries no legal identity and looks like a cat to get a normal job, so Purrcy was practically obligated to work for the man that gifted her life she has now. There are several “companies” the nekomimi operate, but she is the primary representative for the Neko Meet’yo Needs Delivery Service in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. It doesn’t matter what you need delivered, they don’t ask questions as long as you have the coin. Unlike most girls in her service she doesn’t dress in the skimpy thematic outfits that tend to draw the big tips, but her job is fairly secure without her dropping to those lows. With the havoc drawn to the area with The Metal living there, nobody else wants to operate on her turf.

She’s a very cheerful woman most of the time, but her life is very stressful and Purrcy can be quick to anger. You would be too if you nearly die every other week, the authorities are always on your tail (a bit more literally for her), and one of the few people you are actually close to often uses you for his own gain. And all the perverts that want to date you only because you fulfill a lot of fetishes.

Speaking of the dating game, it is one of her favorite things to do as well as how she got involved in this whole mess to begin with. Even though she can blame The Metal for almost everything bad that has happened in her life since the change, he is still one of the only people that sees her for who she is first. They still date on and off but nothing committed since he can’t really seem to stay home for more than a week or so. Maybe someday she’ll find a nice guy who is indifferent to the whole cat thing and prefers to keep in one spot.

All nekomimi are inherently powerful. The catalyst of their transformation is an odd mix of science and magic that grants them superhuman abilities. All nekomimi can sprint at least 320 km/h while carrying fifteen times their body weight for a day straight without rest. While the first wave of nekomimi don’t have growth limiters placed on them, Purrcy just doesn’t do what’s necessary to get any stronger. She is more than powerful enough to do her job and once her shift is over she just wants to have fun like anyone else.

Official Character Art

Terzich’s Codex Pages

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