Contribute to the Site!

Here at Ex Dynamis Chaos, we believe in giving opportunities to amateur creators to improve both their skills and portfolios. For specific listings about what we would like to get going, please check out the Want Ads!

For Artists

Mostly because I, Malcolm R. Terzich, have far too many stories than I’ll ever have time to draw myself. If you are an artist who has little to no experience in sequential art and possibly isn’t much of a writer then I can hook you up with a script that fits you. To qualify you must be able to at least pencil or ink (traditional or digital are acceptable) the work. Colors are optional, but this isn’t available to those that are solely colorists unless they come with an illustrator or get permission from a previous artist to color their already published short. You also do not need to be able to letter unless that is also something you are trying to learn. I will handle that otherwise.

The shorts vary in genre and length, between one to ten pages, and are all connected in some way to the world of Ex Dynamis Chaos. There are longer scripts for full-length comics if that interests you, but those are generally not a good choice for portfolio building. There are also no deadlines since this is a learning experience. During the process, I will act more as an editor than the writer and give you critiques that I feel are within your grasp based on you output. You will have the freedom to change aspects such as panel count and formation, camera angle, and any part of story execution as long as all the same information from the script is still conveyed.

For Writers

At the moment, we are not looking for writers for comic-related pieces, but we are open to short stories, pulps, poetry, gags, and articles related to the general world of EDK. They can be original or off a prompt, but will ultimately have to pass editorial to make sure it is cohesive to the rest of the world. You must be comfortable with editorial changes, but it can be good portfolio work for new writers and decent experience working with an editor. If a story you write is liked enough, it may be adapted into a comic script and you will be asked first if you would like a crack at doing so before it is passed off to someone else on the team.

For Readers

Don’t consider yourself particularly talented in either art or writing but still want to get involved? EDK values community and not in that marketing way where we try to make you feel like part of the community just so you stay loyal enough for us to take your money. We want you involved. We will run contests and other community events from time to time and you can even host your own events with official support from the site if you message us. We would love to promote and be involved in anything appropriate that you do.

But more importantly, we want to hear from you. Remember the old Letter sections that used to be in comics? Well, we want your letters. The good, the bad, and the ugly. No holds barred (though excessive language may be mildly censored by editorial). If you have an opinion about anything from this publication, we want you to let us know and we want to publish it here on the site. The only requirement is that all letters must be at least 500 words long to be published. Otherwise, just leave it as a comment on the relevant page. You don’t even have to sign your name, anonymous is fine, but we would appreciate at least a pseudonym if you’d please (we will hyperlink a social media link to your signature if you give one). New letters will be published in a single post every Monday if there are any.

We also love to share fanart! So, if you make or see any EDK fanart, send it our way. There is no quality threshold for submitted art. The only restrictions are that the piece must be PG-13 or lower (we’ll still love your higher-rated art we just can’t share it here) and there must be a link to the original upload (to both credit the artist and to see the full resolution). If new fanart is available, it will be published in a single post every Wednesday as part of the Art Round-up. We will sometimes highlight artists as well link to their socials and projects.

Additional Info and Contact

You will have the right to host the story you make anywhere you wish, as well as sell prints if you so wish, though we will retain that right as well for anything made for this publication. The only requirement for crediting posts is a link back to the homepage of this website. You as a creator will also be promoted in the post of your short with a short profile [if desired] and links to your social media and/or websites of your choice

To inquire about the program send an email to with the subject “Ex Dynamis Chaos Contribution Program”, “EDK Collab”, or something along those lines. Be sure to include your name (or preferred pseudonym), a little about yourself as an artist, what you plan to do (pencil, ink, color, letter, etc), and what you are looking for in genre and length (or a specific EDK story to work in if you have one in mind).