Trigger’s exploring gear; age 17

Real Name: Corneilahhanbossilfindsertwich
Race: Ishpah
Age: 17
Height: 81.3 cm
Weight: 10.4 kg
Occupation: Explorer
Affiliation: Na’s traveling party
Attack Potency: 1 x 10^12 J

“I w-would have tried to help earlier, b-b-b-but they caught me in the middle of a n-nap. I’ve b-basically been tossed around since I woke up.

Prior to meeting Na, Trigger spent his entire life in a small village of maybe a hundred other Ishpah. They weren’t completely void of the technology of more advanced societies, but it was limited and they lived a primarily tribal life. Most of them barely wore clothes as we consider it, preferring to wear a minimal amount of homemade accessories. A few worse some human clothes and used some cooking and cleaning innovations, but Trigger was enthralled with the tools of man to the point that he reversed engineered a wide band radio transmitter. This is also what got him expelled from his tribe just days before he was captured by Tala Volkov.

Being so interested in the human world had already ostracized Trigger from most of his village long before his final notice and he’s been bullied all his life. He’s considerably a genius amongst his race, but it’s hard to see with his extreme anxiety and terrible stutter. Na was actually the first friends he ever made that Trigger wasn’t directly related to. The only other person who was close to him was his grandfather who would sit around and drink while he tinkered, but he passed three years before Trigger left.

Despite his depressing early life, Trigger had never lost that whimsical exploratory nature that got him tinkering in the first place. He’s really happy marching down the trail and experiencing the wonder of the world. A particular interest of his is airships and he would love to learn about and work on them some day. When he is in that zone of discovery his face lights up and some time his stutter even vanishes for a brief time.

Trigger is handy with a spear or lance, but he is really small and prefers to keep his distance from the fray. He’s looking into getting a gun of some sort, but thankfully he spent a lot of time studying the dark arts. Ishpah are naturally connected to the Entropic Field and use that glowing orb above their heads to channel mana from their surroundings instead of expending their own. He’s become adept in the first three tiers of black magic and fancy the use of lightning spells above the others.

Official Character Art

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