The Kidd

Real Name: Unknown
Race: Human?
Age: Unknown
Height: 165 cm
Weight: Probably between 65-75 kg?
Occupation: Paranormal Exterminator
Affiliation: Professional Freelancers
Attack Potency: 6.31 x 10^8 J

“I don’t listen to half the shit he says to me.”

The Metal’s younger brother. He’s a very capable individual in his own right worthy of tales as well, but what this really means is that he’s had to put up with The Metal’s antics his entire life. Because of this, he doesn’t really put up with his brother’s shit like everyone else does.


The Kidd is kind of the class clown. He has a wild sense of humor that most people don’t really get but it makes them laugh anyway. He mostly just enjoys going out on expeditions and adventures, so he’ll go on jobs he had no other interest in just for a fun trip. He is the lead member of the peanut gallery, even when one isn’t appropriate.


Early Life

Even less is known about his childhood than The Metal’s. They grew up together with their younger brother Joe the Short. They hung out at the park with Sentri Sable and their other friends a lot and apparently The Metal would often abandon them unexpectedly and no one remembers why. He later met Buck through The Metal.

Adult Life pre-Ex Dynamis Chaos

Sometime after The Metal formed the Professional Freelancers, The Kidd joined and began running jobs both with them and alone. He mostly ran missions alongside his brother, Sentri, and Laney Lin, but thanks to his similarities to his brother he often took on different jobs at the same time to increase their revenue.

Ex Dynamis Chaos

The Kidd was involved in the mission down to Corpus Christi, Texas where they hunted down a succubus. He didn’t do much aside from tag along, argue that it could be a chupacabra, and slap Sentri awake from sleep paralysis after The Metal chased the demon off. After that, we don’t see him again until the preliminary round of the King Kong of Combat in the Parks Mall at Arlington, Texas. Again, he is mostly just retorting from the peanut gallery. The next day the crew goes off to New Mexico to find proof of aliens and he gets his jacket stolen by an extraterrestrial. This is the first time we actually see him do much as he provides cover fire for The Metal and Sentri as they fend off mercenaries in Jerome Gallagher’s encampment.

The next time The Kidd shows up is when his brother rematches Pitaya. Yet again, he is just there to watch and bark comments. After his brother somehow transformed into a woman through a strange lab explosion, The Kidd joins the crew on a journey to Greece to meet up with Laney Lin. She sent them on a trip down into the Labyrinth of King Minos to fetch an artifact supposedly stored down there. They spend the day running from Herakles, who they later befriend, and returned the sack that once contained all the world’s horrors to Laney as part of the deal. Immediately after, Gallagher shows up to arrest them and Laney fights him off while the rest of them escape.



Might: The Kidd isn’t as strong as his brother, but he also doesn’t train nearly as much. He seems to have similar physiology to The Metal though, so maybe he could be as strong if he wanted to. He still hits pretty hard and it’s likely that he even only manages to trail behind The Metal because of all the situations he’s dragged into. He could definitely hit you harder than any street-legal vehicle slamming into you are top speed.

Vigor: Also like his brother, The Kidd is likely tougher than he is stronger. He probably isn’t as durable as The Metal as he hasn’t displayed his ability to recover from heavy damage. Though, he also hasn’t been in circumstances for us to know. He mostly sits on the sidelines and delivers commentary. He definitely isn’t as strong as Laney Lin, but at the same time, he messes with her in a way that shows he isn’t afraid to get hit by her.

Alacrity: The Kidd doesn’t seem that fast, but we also just don’t really know. He could be really swift, but he is never in a rush to get anywhere. Most of the time he just walks from area to area while his brother is fighting, but he does at least keep up with the rest of the crew when they are running from Herakles.

Intuition: The Kidd has yet to show off any cognitive ability aside from basic reasoning. Again, the opportunities really haven’t come up. He is fairly quick-witted with his speech at the very least.

Morale: There isn’t enough data to judge his spirits. His mood always seems the same, but he isn’t often in a situation that might snap it.

Luck: Another stat there isn’t enough data on. He would likely say he has the worst luck.


Minor Martial Arts Training: As children, he trained a few of the same things as his older brother and even sparred with him regularly. He dropped it for years but took more interest in it lately. He doesn’t really care for the fancy stuff like forms anymore and only focuses on the practical with a specific interest in boxing and wrestling. This mixed with his attributes makes him likely the second most capable fighter on the team behind his brother.

Hammerspace: It is assumed that The Metal taught the other members of his crew to access hammerspace, although there is no direct evidence yet that The Kidd has used his.


Cell Phone: A normal cell phone that he uses to keep up with clients and the crew. Comes in handy for anything a cell phone can be used for these days.

Trackers: The Metal and crew keep little tracking nodes on them so that they can find each other using their phones. The signal becomes active again the second they leave hammerspace.

Modified Remmington M24 SWS Sniper Rifle: A customized rifle The Kidd uses to give cover fire for the others when necessary. It’s been fitted to fire all sorts of things that it normally shouldn’t.

Official Character Art

Terzich’s Codex Pages

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