Real Name: Lady Freyja Bruðóðr of Fólkvangr
Race: Vanir God; Coerced Anomaly
Age: 1.2 x 10^6 years [Earth standards]
Height: 198 cm
Weight: 99.8 kg
Occupation: Goddess of war, death, love, sex, beauty, fertility, gold, and seiðr; Captain of the Valkyrjar; Steward of Fólkvangr
Affiliation: The Valkyrjar of Ásgarðr
Attack Potency: Unknown

“Hmm… so I hear you want to join my Valkyrie? Very interesting.”

For years now, there have been many scholars that postulate that Frigg and Freyja are the same person… and that actually not that far off. They were the same person, but have since become separate entities entirely on their own. Frigg has no memory or knowledge of this, but Freyja is fully aware. And strangely enough, her brother Freyr is apart of this mess as well.

Óðinn had been in a cross-realm conflict with Njörðr for about eight hundred thousand years straight around two million years ago because they had both grown fond of a specific Terminus, a spot where all nine physical realms sync up in a single location, that had uniformly evolved sapient life across the realms. Óðinn set his base in the Realm of Rhyme and Reason on the planet he named Ásgarðr and Njörðr in the Realm of Animosity on the same planet he named Vanaheimr. The conflict wasn’t very well known since both were also distracted by other affairs across the Realms and it appeared more like a series of petty squabbles to outsiders, but the crossfire did lead to one of the worst ice ages Miðgarðr [Earth] had ever faced. But then Njörðr had a beautiful daughter that Óðinn quickly fell in love with. Njörðr offered the demigoddess as a peace offering, which accepted. After the marriage, Óðinn agreed to keep his reign to Ásgarðr, Njörðr to Vanaheimr, and not only would they keep out of the way regarding each other’s affairs in the other realms but they formed an alliance to ensure their dominance. It is said this will dissolve one day after a great war between the Æsir and  Vanir, but that may just be Loki blowing smoke to create tension.

However, Frigg was only the offspring of an Anomaly and not functionally immortal herself. While Óðinn continued not to wither, his loving wife on other hand did. It was a slowed aging, but compared to his nearly fourteen billion years of life those two hundred and thirty-seven years weren’t enough. So he did the unimaginable and asked the eldest Anomaly he knew, the Olympian Ζεύς, to help him make his wife into an Anomaly like themselves. He agreed on condition of an owed favor he could call at any time in the future, took Frigg to the core of Yggdrasill, and reforged her like a sword in its heat and cooling her in each of the three wellspring at the roots. The first attempt shed her Animus and created Freyr in the process. The second attempt shed her Persona and created Freyja in the process. The final attempt shed her Shadow which she reintegrated and created the Frigg we know now. The Frigg part remembers not of her life prior to becoming a Goddess, just that she loves Óðinn and lives in Ásgarðr with him. She also sees Ζεύς as her father and calls him Fjorgynn, with no recollection of her relationship to Njörðr.

Still having feelings for the fragmented parts of his lover, as well as an oath to upkeep, Óðinn invited both Freyja and Freyr to live with him and his family in Ásgarðr where he sometimes takes the disguise of Óðr to be with Freyja. He even gave her stewardship of Ásgarðr’s moon, Fólkvangr, and made Freyja the commander of an elite force called the Valkyr. Freyja is technically the first of Óðinn’s Valkyr, but the battle maidens are actually made through a combination of a special Vanir crystal from her home realm and her seiðr magic. With this she can transform any willing warrior soul into a beautiful Valkyrja, regardless of their origin, greatly enhancing their natural abilities and granting them swift access to anywhere in all the Realms. Most of the time they are either off collecting the shades of fallen warriors, giving half to Valhöll and bringing the rest to Sessrúmnir, or servicing the needs of the Æsir Gods, but when they go out to war it is Freyja that leads the pack.

Even when Frigg was just the half Van daughter of a God, she was still a force to fear being able to create tsunami’s and crumble mountains with her bare hands. But after her rebirths, she became powerful enough to worry even Óðinn and Loki. Probably a joke on Ζεύς’s part to be sure. Lucky enough for them, this power is split nearly evenly between three separated souls with Frigg holding the slight majority. On her own, Freyja has immense power that, while not enough to damage the world tree connecting the Realms, could very much threaten the structure of an individual Realm should it be completely let loose. Also, thanks to the unintended influence of the God that reforged her, Freyja has gained a strong dominion over all things related to love and war and can easily influence those with an equal or lesser will to hers in those areas. If she wants two, or more, people to hook up or break up, that’s entirely up to her. She could even send a galactic empire into civil war if she so wished, assuming it wasn’t under the protection of a stronger being. Outside of that, she has use of a wide array of nature magic, called seiðr, that lets her tap directly into the mana flow to do various things from healing mortal wounds to removing curses to littering a whole planet in forests. Thankfully for everyone, Freyja is mostly a benevolent Goddess that’s easy to please.

Lastly, she owns several pets including a two large cats that pull her chariot and the great boar Hildisvíni who she sometimes rides like a horse. She may or may not own several falcons in which she gets the feathers for her various cloaks and gowns, but no one has ever seen them. She’s also had two children with Óðr known to most of the universe as Hnoss and Gersemi. Though both of those are nicknames each meaning “my treasure” used by their parents and their actual given names names are Brynhildr and Geirskögul, two of the highest ranking Valkyr who took mission directly from Freyja and Óðinn. She hasn’t heard of either daughter in ages, however.

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