Art Round-up Nov 7, 2018

In this round-up of works by other creators we have but one piece. This is an image of The Metal by comic creator Troy Torres, aka Mistah Mahvel, that he made after Metal answered his trivia tweet.

The Metal by Troy Torres

The image tweet can be found here where you can also give Troy a follow:

And if you like this, you may enjoy his comic book JuanPool. It is personally recommended by Malcolm Terzich, so give it a look. The store page is here:

If you have or see any Ex Dynamis Chaos related art, either send them our way or contact the creator to do so and we’ll repost it along with the creator’s relevant social media. You can contact us through Twitter at either @ExDynamisChaos and @MalcolmTerzich or via email at for submissions.

A Hymn of Valor no. 1- Just a Boy

cover 1

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Before you get out of hand let me explain. The next part of the webcomic is not Chapter 4 of Ex Dynamis Chaos, but Chapter 1 of A Hymn of Valor. There are several reasons for this, but most importantly it’s because of how closely these stories are tied to each other. A Hymn of Valor is the first story I have ever written and set up a lot of the framework of the world itself. But don’t worry, just because it was originally written a long time ago doesn’t mean I haven’t refined it recently from a more experienced adult perspective. You will see a chapter of this story after ever third chapter of Ex Dynamis Chaos, so I hope you enjoy the tale of the year 2001.

– Malcolm Terzich