Art Round-up Feb 15, 2023

You’re probably wondering, “Yo, why is there an Art Round-up this week when there was just a community event for fan-art-type things?” Well, sometimes during these events people accidentally make fun art that doesn’t fit within the parameters of the event due to not reading the rules very clearly. Instead of letting the effort go to waste, we can still do our normal Art Round-up post. This is a short joke comic by Kro MAGNON [Twitter/Newgrounds] replaying events from Ex Dynamis Chaos episode 4 – Fighting for Fall where the gang realizes they’ve been duped into attending the preliminary rounds or the King Kong of Combat.

Ex_dynamo by Kro MAGNON [Twitter/Newgrounds]

5 Years of Ex Dynamis Chaos!

Thank you everyone for helping us celebrate our 5th Anniversary! Although the actual date of the anniversary was last week (Feb. 8) by the time this post goes up, we are still excited about this sizeable collaboration and for the future of our publication. Below is a list of everyone who participated in this event, which includes a mix of newcomers, long-time readers, and friends.

There will also be a separate gallery post containing each individual image right here so that this pinned post doesn’t take up too much space on the home page for the rest of this year.

EDK 5th Anniversary Gallery

Thanks again, everyone, for helping us celebrate our 5th Anniversary! Here are the individual submissions from the big collab piece so that you can appreciate all the work the artist put into each piece. Each image redirects to its media file, so you can click on them to see them at full resolution.

Zeba by Malcolm Terzich
Regi by SkeleBum
Mitch by PorcuCatChaos
The Metal by Rebellious Pastry
Jackrabbit by Rick Piper
Maximus by EpithetSoup
Dynnamm Goon by Kro Magnon
doonamo by Kro Magnon
Lytri by Slimygoo
Mitsuo Samo by Magian
Lytri by Marjanglers

Website 5th Anniversary Community Event

We are surprised that the fifth anniversary is sneaking up on us this next Wednesday and would like to do something to celebrate. We won’t be running a contest or anything since Mr. Terzich is still guiltily backlogged on the 4 pages shorts for the Grand Prizes of previous contests, but we want to do a collaboration instead. The plan is to make a collage by everyone who wants to be a part of it. He will make a centerpiece image and then all the other submissions will be shopped in. You don’t have to be a prior fan of Ex Dynmis Chaos to enter. We will accept all who follow the guidelines.

How to participate:

  • Draw any single character that appears anywhere on the site, whether from a comic page or anywhere else. If you want to shitpost and draw some unnamed background character from a single panel, that’s on you as long as you can point to where they are from on the site. (You may have more than one submission if you’d like).
  • The image must be either a PNG of TIFF with a transparent background and only contain the character you chose. It does not have to be in color, but the character itself must be solid. We will not accept transparent line art. We also have very low requirements for quality: it can’t just be a stick figure. We will accept kindergarten-level art as long as it roughly looks like the character you chose.
  • You do not have to coordinate your character choice and everyone could choose to draw the same character for all it matters. In fact, it would be cool to see which character shows up the most.
  • Your image must be no higher rated than PG-13. We love our more attractive characters, but they must remain clothed.
  • You do not have to share a name or pseudonym on the post and can remain completely anonymous, though we would like to be able to credit you (it will be a list but we can hyperlink one personal website or social media of your choice to your name)
  • Send the image to Mr. Terzich at either e-mail address listed here on the site or any website you can find him. Alternatively, you can either post it in the Art Round-up section of our Discord or @ us on Twitter with the tag #EDKyear5. You can also choose to just post a direct link to the image in the comics below this post if you are already hosting it somewhere else, just say something about the link so we know you aren’t a bot (spambots are plenty these days.
  • We decided this a bit late, so instead of a deadline to meet the actual anniversary on the 8th of this month, we need all submissions by FEB 11th so we can post the collage the following week and pin it to the top of the site for the rest of the year.

Please share this around with other readers or artists that are looking for something to do. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.

Happy Year of the Rabbit!

Since it is the Year of the Rabbit in the Lunar Cycle, we are kicking things off with an image of our rabbit-themed super hero, the Outstanding Jackrabbit, drawn by our very own Malcolm Terzich. If you aren’t familiar with Jacky Harper, you can read about her in Terzich’s Codex here on the site.

The Outstanding JackRabbit was originally going to be the first title Mr. Terzich planned to run under the Ex Dynamis Chaos label, but he tried to crowdfund it on Kickstarter with another artist and failed to meet his admittedly lofty goal. Immediately after that disappointment, he started working on the Ex Dynamis Chaos webcomic and shoved the story to the back burner. Given that it is the Year of the Rabbit, he claims to have plans to try again if possible, but you know how things go with him since he is backlogged as it is.

We won’t let any of that affect our excuse to celebrate! For the Year of the Rabbit, we are calling on any of our readers with artistic talent to consider making art of Jacky in either her normal or hero form, possibly her little buddy Birgir as well, and send it to use like you would for the typical Art Round-up. You can still make any other character instead if you like, but we would be pleased to have a nice gallery of rabbit-themed art by the end of the Lunar Year. You can even feel free to draw her in pretty much any outfit you please if it makes it more fun for you. When she isn’t forced to pretty up by her swimsuit model mother or for cheerleading, Jacky can be quite the tomboy and the Jackrabbit’s outfit can alter to fit different situations as seen in Terizch’s 2019 Easter Card (it just always uses the same color scheme). Who knows, maybe we’ll do something fun at the end if enough people participate.

Anyhow, we hope you have a wonderful New Year and find yourself hopping with joy regardless of if you participate or not. If you have any questions or would like to discuss with Mr. Terzich about helping with the revival of Jacky’s first story, you can contact him through his business email or send him a direct message under either of his usernames at any of the networks he hangs around.

Art Round-up Dec 21, 2022

It’s been a while, but we actually have a new piece for an Art Round-up. This one comes from a friend of Mr. Terzich who happens to be a fan of the stories, PhasmaGORE [Twitter/Newgrounds]. She is particularly fond of A Hymn of Valor and its titular protagonist, so she drew up this fun piece of the lad after just firing off one his plasma blasts. She is also a creator and has a series named Corvid Kid about a young boy named Samson who lost his arm and gained a demonic symbiote named Atrum to replace it. You can watch her animations over on Newgrounds.

His Hymn by PhasmaGORE [Twitter/Newgrounds]

Art Round-up Apr 06, 2022

This one comes later in the day than normal because we don’t make posts like this until the piece is publicly published by the author, even if we’re aware it already exists privately. But, Mr. Trerzich missed the upload due to his insistence on ignoring the internet on April Fool’s Day (who could blame him) and only just today saw it. Anyhow, another acquaintance of his through the Newgrounds Festivals, Lil Spook [Newgrounds/Twitter], held a giveaway for hitting 300 fans on the site and he won a commission. He decided to have her draw Valor because he’s otherwise always having people draw the ladies and that little guy doesn’t get enough love. So like always, if you enjoy the piece, please follow up by checking out Lil Spook’s other stuff and possibly following her if you like that as well.

Just an Average Friday by LilSpook [@TehLilSpook]

Art Round-up Mar 09, 2022

Time again for another Art Round-up in the midst of a content draught here on the Ex Dynamis Chaos website. Remember, if you make any EDK art or find some while roaming the web, please send it to us on any of our profiles and we’ll be sure to share it for all our community to see. Today we have a piece from MayaLaCookie [Newgrounds/Twitter], another individual Mr. Terzich met through the Newgrounds festivals. Through an art practice thread, found here, Maya brings us a simple, inked bust of Laney Lin with only a couple tones to accentuate certain parts of her outfit. Maya is a budding artist with lots of other work to peruse, so please send warm regards if you enjoy the piece.

Art Round-up Jan 12, 2022

Immediate apologies for yet more delays. Just as Mr. Terzich finally gets a replacement power cable for the one lost in the move, the old scanner itself decided to kick the bucket after only two more uses. We will be holding a fundraiser for a new machine as soon as he prepares it, but, in the meantime, we are at our Wednesday Art Round-up. This week, we have yet another buddy of Mr. Terzich’s that he met through the Newgrounds Festivals discord: SkeleBum [Newgrounds/Twitter]. She hits us with some sketches involving our beloved mascot, Zeba. The first of which is a solo portrait of her.

The second picture features her character from her own projects, Jolyn Yootouze, hanging out with Zeba in an “Ogre tavern”, which I’m sure is as interesting a place to visit as any for a space-time traveler on holiday. I like to imagine Jolyn is regaling Zeba with some over-the-top tale filled with astonish and excite that Zeba will sneakily go back and watch from a clever location. She does enjoy for people to tell their stories, but she just can’t help herself with seeing them in person.

Jolyn and Zeba by SkeleBum [@SkeleBumNG]

Please help us show our appreciation by checking out SkeleBum’s or works and possibly giving a follow if any of it is up your alley.

Art Round-up Dec 8, 2021

Well, for those not following updates on other platforms, the snag in the recent momentum of uploads is due to Mr. Terzich’s recent move and one missing power adapter for his scanner. If you did not know, all the pages start out traditionally. But thankfully, you do get content on this day with a spotlight on another artist. Recently, one of Mr. Terzich’s buddies he’s made through the Newgrounds Festivals discord server, Pam [Newgrounds/Twitter], was kind enough to whip up a lovely picture of our mascot, Zeba, for his life ceremony just last week.

Zeba by Pam [@p_pamda]

But this isn’t the only picture she’s made related to Ex Dynamis Chaos. They mostly never leave chatrooms and get uploaded anywhere properly (until now), but Pam often sketches up fun images for her friends that she hangouts out with. We have two other sketches that she has dropped on Mr. Terzich within recent times. The first of which was a redraw of an official nekomimi (a catgirl like Purrcy) image for the TCG that’s been indefinitely on the backburner.

Tribal Neko sketch by Pam [@p_pamda]

The second is a fun picture of The Metal slurping up ramen like a pro because that is apparently all the man eats (meet the guy and you’ll probably come to the same conclusion).

Made of Metal by Pam [@p_pamda]

Pam is a fun and talented artist who aspires to make comics of her own someday, so follow her profiles and see what else is in store.