Terzich’s Codex: Qi

Our very first guest contribution to the site comes from artist Dan Yell in collaboration working off a single page script by Mr. Terzich. This comic follows The Jewel back when she was still training at the Shaolin monastery in the Song mountains. She’s sent to grab more pickled prunes from the store house and finds the pickling jar is more stubborn than she’d like. Nothing a little qi alignment can’t solve for someone like her, but that can sometimes just cause even more problems than before. It’s not like she can complain about doing all these chores since she’s not actually a monk and has gotten away with room and board since she was a kid.

Let’s thank the artist for their effort by checking him out at his various places. You can find Dan Yell on Twitter @danyelldraws and Instagram as well under @danyelldraws.

Oh, and here is the accompanying codex entry for this page.

Terzich’s Codex: Regeneration

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Talk about an instigator…

Went ahead and started using the new color palette now for this upload. It should come out better on mobile than the old one. It took a long time for me to realize how hard it was to differentiate the dark tones on phone displays because it showed up well on all my, granted older, monitors. Everything should pop more now, enjoy. ~Malcolm Terzich

Here is the accompanying codex entry

Terzich’s Codex: Hammerspace

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After every chapter there is going to be a filler page called Terzich’s Codex that outlines odd things about the universe. Other pages will actually show the subject, but I couldn’t resist making the first one this way. May not make a lot of sense to every, but this somewhat inside joke was based on a conversation with friends a long time back. It is also technically a remake of one of the friend’s comic pieces of the same conversation from back then. Here is the Entry on Hammerspace to make up for the page being more of a joke.


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