The Metal

Real Name: Unknown
Race: Human?
Age: Unknown
Height: 167 cm
Weight: Probably between 54-68 kg?
Occupation: Martial Artist for Hire
Affiliation: Professional Freelancers
Attack Potency: 2.95 x 10^6 J

“Ahoy, you’ve reached The Metal. If you have a problem, I have an answer.”

The main man himself. Leader of the Professional Freelancers, Master of the Fighters Guild, and all-in-all kind of an asshole, The Metal is who we follow around most of the time in Ex Dynamis Chaos. You know that jerk back in school who just showed up to anything and was always better at it than anyone else and everyone either loved them or hated them with no middle ground? Now imagine that guy but he’s a borderline psychopath with inhuman abilities.

Although his clients typically love him for his inexpensive rates and amazing results, his closest friends can’t stand him to the point that you wonder why they even hangout anymore. Some try to say that it is because men don’t typically make too many close friends after their early twenties, but it may be that despite the life threatening circumstances life is just far more interesting around The Metal. Be it dragging them along on dangerous jobs, forcing them to watch his tournament fights, or exploring places humans have never seen before, you have to admit that life is at the very least not boring.

The vast majority of the time he is a pretty relaxed and playful guy with a dry sense of humor and a sarcastic tone about him. He doesn’t seem to take anything seriously, but you probably wouldn’t either if you could walk off crashing from several stories off the ground. Though, there is a switch that can get flipped that brings out the inner monster. One time he nuked an entire Subspace Highway just because a giant vampiric demon clown tried to eat him, just happened to be all three of his most hated things rolled into a single one package.

The Metal has become kind of a flirt, though he wasn’t always. He definitely has a type: dark hair, bright eyes, can probably kick his ass. That actually keeps the dating pool pretty narrow, so he often ends up going out with unconventional women like cat-girls or Valkyrie.

As far as powers and abilities, nobody really knows what he is capable of. Back in high school he was just inhumanly durable, but has since been growing freakishly strong and fast as well. He’ll tell you it is because of the weights he wears under his clothes that he keeps increasing, but everyone else calls bull shit. After a certain point normal people plateau and adding more weight on top of that will just damage the body, yet he does not. Of course, any time one of his friends bring it up he just points out that nearly all of them a tougher than any normal person should be as well and they drop it since they can’t explain it either. Buck just says “it’s from hanging with you all these damn years, that’s why!”

Official Character Art

Terzich’s Codex Pages

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