The Kidd

Real Name: Unknown
Race: Human?
Age: Unknown
Height: 165 cm
Weight: Probably between 60-70 kg?
Occupation: Paranormal Exterminator
Affiliation: Professional Freelancers
Attack Potency: 502,000 J

“I don’t listen to half the shit he says to me.”

The Metal’s younger brother. He’s a very capable individual in his own right worthy of tales as well, but what this means is that he’s had to put up with The Metal his entire life. Because of this, he doesn’t really put up with his brother’s shit like everyone else does.

The Kidd typically doesn’t do much do much when he tags up with his brother, but that’s mostly because he is there to undermine him the whole time. His actual position is similar to The Metal’s where he is usually out handling gigs by himself. For the most part he takes lower paying but far less dangerous jobs and just keeps busy to even out. Many of his regulars have him deliver groceries, handle their gardening and landscaping, and driving people to and from airports. Occasionally he’ll take a haunting or monster extermination when he’s bored enough, but he’ll usually leave the real crazy stuff for his psychotic brother. The Kidd is not above carrying his weight during group jobs when it is necessary. He understands more than anyone that no matter how strong his brother gets there are things he can’t handle alone.

The Kidd is a very paranoid and anxious individual in both his work and personal life. You don’t see this much when he is around The Metal, however. Maybe it’s sibling rivalry or just comfort, but in proximity of his brother The Kidd acts looser and more brash like he doesn’t give a shit about anything. The two brothers seem to really enjoy this level of interaction, but no one else does. Actually, it often makes it even harder for Sentri to perform his duties.

The Kidd’s relationship status is always in flux. He can be quite the romantic, but he goes through periods where he’ll date for a while and then drop off the market in between. It’s probably because he needs a period of time to recover from the emotional attachment that was just severed, which is completely understandable.

The Kidd seems to work similarly to his brother in regards to power growth, but he just doesn’t care or put the time in at all. There are just so many other things he’d rather get better at than fighting that he slacks behind in all notable categories. Most of his enhanced levels of strength, speed, and durability have been the result of passively ending up in dangerous situations with the rest of the team and surviving through them. He could definitely get much stronger if he put in the effort.

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