Episode 3 – Night Games

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And now we begin the 3rd chapter. In this one, The Metal is accompanied by a member of the crew that had been out of town up until this part of the story and they have to confront an underground fighting ring operated entirely within a subspace highway located in Oakcliff, Texas. It’ll be a fairly dark chapter, yet rather colorful as the cover suggests. Hope you enjoy, and be sure to use the navigation hotlinks to catch up if this is your first time here at Ex Dynamis Chaos!

Terzich’s Codex: Hammerspace

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After every chapter there is going to be a filler page called Terzich’s Codex that outlines odd things about the universe. Other pages will actually show the subject, but I couldn’t resist making the first one this way. May not make a lot of sense to every, but this somewhat inside joke was based on a conversation with friends a long time back. It is also technically a remake of one of the friend’s comic pieces of the same conversation from back then. Here is the Entry on Hammerspace to make up for the page being more of a joke.


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