Ex Dynamis Chaos Fan-art Contest #1 Entry Gallery

And that’s the deadline people! Thank you everyone who submitted entries, whether you made it in time or not. Even though late entries won’t be accepted for voting, we’ll still retweet them on Twitter and add them to the next Art Round-up after the contest concludes. Below is every entry available for the poll of which will be placed at the bottom of the post. It is okay if you already know who you plan to vote for, but please consider taking the time to appreciate each entrant’s hard work on your way down.

Entry #1
Yoko Keisura by John Dillard (@DillardDraws)
Entry #2
Anna Riknia, The Jewel, and Freyja by Rick Piper (@comics_cross)
Entry #3
The Jackrabbit, Trigger, and Purrcy by Rick Piper (@comics_cross)
Entry #4
Rascal Riknia, Zeba, and Tala Volkov by Rick Piper (@comics_cross)
Entry #5
The Metal by Rick Piper (@comics_cross)
Entry #6
Anna by Even Ho Tep (@EvanHoTep)
Entry #7
Laney Lin by Bergmite (@Bergmiten)
Entry #8
Freya by Brandon L. Robertson (@BAngelo1991)
Entry #9
Zeba by Synth (@synthpixel)

Well, that’s all of them folks. Maybe give them another once over to make sure you really soaked them all in before casting your vote. Okay, We’ll just assume you gave them enough thought. The link to the poll will be directly below. Please don’t share it around directly and use the link to this gallery instead. It’s not just help our metrics, be assured. It is to keep this as fair to all participants as possible since you have to scroll past the gallery to get to the poll. This poll will run up to the 30th of this month and results will be posted on the 1st of May. Thank you and vote honestly.

Click here for poll

Terzich’s Codex: Qi

Our very first guest contribution to the site comes from artist Dan Yell in collaboration working off a single page script by Mr. Terzich. This comic follows The Jewel back when she was still training at the Shaolin monastery in the Song mountains. She’s sent to grab more pickled prunes from the store house and finds the pickling jar is more stubborn than she’d like. Nothing a little qi alignment can’t solve for someone like her, but that can sometimes just cause even more problems than before. It’s not like she can complain about doing all these chores since she’s not actually a monk and has gotten away with room and board since she was a kid.

Let’s thank the artist for their effort by checking him out at his various places. You can find Dan Yell on Twitter @danyelldraws and Instagram as well under @danyelldraws.

Oh, and here is the accompanying codex entry for this page.