Happy Year of the Rabbit!

Since it is the Year of the Rabbit in the Lunar Cycle, we are kicking things off with an image of our rabbit-themed super hero, the Outstanding Jackrabbit, drawn by our very own Malcolm Terzich. If you aren’t familiar with Jacky Harper, you can read about her in Terzich’s Codex here on the site.

The Outstanding JackRabbit was originally going to be the first title Mr. Terzich planned to run under the Ex Dynamis Chaos label, but he tried to crowdfund it on Kickstarter with another artist and failed to meet his admittedly lofty goal. Immediately after that disappointment, he started working on the Ex Dynamis Chaos webcomic and shoved the story to the back burner. Given that it is the Year of the Rabbit, he claims to have plans to try again if possible, but you know how things go with him since he is backlogged as it is.

We won’t let any of that affect our excuse to celebrate! For the Year of the Rabbit, we are calling on any of our readers with artistic talent to consider making art of Jacky in either her normal or hero form, possibly her little buddy Birgir as well, and send it to use like you would for the typical Art Round-up. You can still make any other character instead if you like, but we would be pleased to have a nice gallery of rabbit-themed art by the end of the Lunar Year. You can even feel free to draw her in pretty much any outfit you please if it makes it more fun for you. When she isn’t forced to pretty up by her swimsuit model mother or for cheerleading, Jacky can be quite the tomboy and the Jackrabbit’s outfit can alter to fit different situations as seen in Terizch’s 2019 Easter Card (it just always uses the same color scheme). Who knows, maybe we’ll do something fun at the end if enough people participate.

Anyhow, we hope you have a wonderful New Year and find yourself hopping with joy regardless of if you participate or not. If you have any questions or would like to discuss with Mr. Terzich about helping with the revival of Jacky’s first story, you can contact him through his business email immadametal@gmail.com or send him a direct message under either of his usernames at any of the networks he hangs around.