Buck’s Training Gear

Real Name: Unknown
Race: Human
Age: Unknown
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 62.3 kg
Occupation: Manual Laborer
Affiliation: Professional Freelancers
Attack Potency: 784,000 J

“Holy shit! I was too angry to notice.”

Probably The Metal’s closest friend by both factor of proximity and frequency. They hang out a lot. So much that many people have mistaken them for cousins or even brothers despite some distinct visual differences between them. He hasn’t been in the group quite as long as Sentri or some of the others, but he is definitely as ingrained into it as anyone else. Though it is noted that he typically doesn’t participate in many meetings unless The Metal is there.

His official job is “meat shield”, which was another title given on a whim the same day Sentri got his. Fittingly, Buck is the second toughest of the Professional Freelancers and goes on more of the crazier missions with just The Metal than anyone else. On the surface it’s because The Metal forces him too, but often even Buck will admit that he has nothing better to do. At least its never boring and gives him a fun story to tell others. Other than that, he spends most of his work time performing manual labor gigs like helping people move or shingling rooftops. The latter of which he hates due to having a pretty bad fear of heights, although still not as bad as Sentri’s of his own claim.

Buck can be chill, but more often than not he is angry. Angry about life, the weather, politics, something dumb that happened in a video game, his own clumsiness, how out of shape he lets himself get, the color of his neighbor’s car, how tall the shelves at the store are, or most importantly whatever The Metal is currently doing. At least with the last part you can’t blame the guy, because The Metal is kind of an ass at times.

He doesn’t have too much luck with the ladies just like most people. It’s a subject he doesn’t like to discuss because every time he does the others try to set him up with somebody and none of their tastes suit him. Especially since Sentri kept setting him up with women from his church and everyone The Metal picks, while typically appearing as what Buck finds attractive, has nearly killed him. He’s just thinking of biding his time until he meets someone nice of his own who will hopefully bring a balance of sanity to his life.

While not having as high a natural potential as his contemporaries, Buck makes up for it by being abnormally resilient and putting in the effort whether he wants to or not. It is mostly because The Metal makes him, but Buck actually trains with him unlike the others. He had rather thick skin and until he met The Metal no one in his life had really been able to hurt him. Since then, he has increased in durability by orders of magnitude mostly from the painful hours upon hours of sparring. His primary fighting style is a mix between boxing and judo, but he’s picked up quite a lot of various techniques from training with The Metal. Buck is technically his pupil and teaching assistant but The Metal hasn’t had any other students regularly, so doesn’t even really know what that means. He’s learned to just roll with this stuff and not confuse himself by overthinking it.

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