Sentri Sable

Real Name: Unknown
Race: Human
Age: Unknown
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 70.5 kg?
Occupation: Analyst/Accountant
Affiliation: Professional Freelancers
Attack Potency: 91,200 J

“I’m not dumb enough to ask how you got into my home… or how you got that chair in here… but I do want to know why you are here.”

Of the people not related to The Metal, Sentri has probably known him the longest and on the most personal level. He’ll even go as fare as calling Sentri his “blood brother” for whatever that means. Having known the guy since the third grade, Sentri deals with The Metal’s shit better than most other people and sometimes even finds it entertaining when his life isn’t on the line.

He may go on gigs with the others from time to time, but his official position is the group’s accountant. He doesn’t actually do too much accounting though. It basically means that he makes sure books are balanced enough that it keeps the bill collectors and IRS off their backs as well as covering up all the messes The Metal and The Kidd make while on the job. That latter part tends to take up a lot more time than any other duty. Sentri has also had the official role of “bait” since high school. A lot of times The Metal just decrees these things on a whim and no one took it seriously back then, but since he’s been tied up dangling, held at gun point, and even nearly devoured by a sex demon because his asshole friend chooses to remember the strangest things. At least it is a rank or so up from “meat-shield” because and I quote “at least the bait has the option of running away if and when he can.”

Probably due to them knowing each other for so long, Sentri and The Metal have fairly similar personalities. The biggest difference between them is that thankfully Sentri lacks The Metal’s unhealthy ego, which really helps keep the group grounded at times. He’s also a lot more introverted, which is actually very useful in his position. But don’t confuse that statement, most people in general are a lot more introverted than The Metal. Sentri is fully capable of both handling and leading a group when necessary. In fact, he is the only one The Metal trusts to take on the burden when he isn’t around.

Another thing that sets Sentri apart from his close friend is that their relationship lives have somewhat flipped. Sentri had your very common past of dating sporadically throughout his later schooling years but then finally settled down when his tastes improved and the right woman found him. His relationship appears healthy and stable, despite the fact that he sometimes almost dies every other week.

Genetically speaking, Sentri is a tall but perfectly normal human being in ever standard way aside from his above average intellect and athletic ability. Saying he is normal now would be a bit confusing. While nowhere near the levels of many of his contemporaries, Sentri finds himself much stronger, faster, and tougher than what a human should be capable of. He could probably win any Olympic activity as long as none of the other entered… if anyone in their group even cared about that sort of thing that is.

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