Terzich’s Codex: Regeneration

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Talk about an instigator…

Went ahead and started using the new color palette now for this upload. It should come out better on mobile than the old one. It took a long time for me to realize how hard it was to differentiate the dark tones on phone displays because it showed up well on all my, granted older, monitors. Everything should pop more now, enjoy. ~Malcolm Terzich

Art Round-up Jan 23, 2019

I was so busy last week pumping out more pages than normal I forgot to do a round-up despite having some content. This week we highlight B-Angelo, who works on a comic of his own and is a good friend of mine. As we do from time to time, we recently did an art trade with each other. Below is his end of that trade including Purrcy, Sentri, The Metal, The Kidd, and Buck. Check out the full-size image here: http://fav.me/dcx3do4

We also did another trade quite sometime back when I was pitching the Outstanding Jack Rabbit, featuring the Jackrabbit herself. Since I’ve never shared it on the site I’ll post it below and you can see that full-size image here: http://fav.me/dbpjq29

Be sure to check out his work and say hi while you’re there.