Website 5th Anniversary Community Event

We are surprised that the fifth anniversary is sneaking up on us this next Wednesday and would like to do something to celebrate. We won’t be running a contest or anything since Mr. Terzich is still guiltily backlogged on the 4 pages shorts for the Grand Prizes of previous contests, but we want to do a collaboration instead. The plan is to make a collage by everyone who wants to be a part of it. He will make a centerpiece image and then all the other submissions will be shopped in. You don’t have to be a prior fan of Ex Dynmis Chaos to enter. We will accept all who follow the guidelines.

How to participate:

  • Draw any single character that appears anywhere on the site, whether from a comic page or anywhere else. If you want to shitpost and draw some unnamed background character from a single panel, that’s on you as long as you can point to where they are from on the site. (You may have more than one submission if you’d like).
  • The image must be either a PNG of TIFF with a transparent background and only contain the character you chose. It does not have to be in color, but the character itself must be solid. We will not accept transparent line art. We also have very low requirements for quality: it can’t just be a stick figure. We will accept kindergarten-level art as long as it roughly looks like the character you chose.
  • You do not have to coordinate your character choice and everyone could choose to draw the same character for all it matters. In fact, it would be cool to see which character shows up the most.
  • Your image must be no higher rated than PG-13. We love our more attractive characters, but they must remain clothed.
  • You do not have to share a name or pseudonym on the post and can remain completely anonymous, though we would like to be able to credit you (it will be a list but we can hyperlink one personal website or social media of your choice to your name)
  • Send the image to Mr. Terzich at either e-mail address listed here on the site or any website you can find him. Alternatively, you can either post it in the Art Round-up section of our Discord or @ us on Twitter with the tag #EDKyear5. You can also choose to just post a direct link to the image in the comics below this post if you are already hosting it somewhere else, just say something about the link so we know you aren’t a bot (spambots are plenty these days.
  • We decided this a bit late, so instead of a deadline to meet the actual anniversary on the 8th of this month, we need all submissions by FEB 11th so we can post the collage the following week and pin it to the top of the site for the rest of the year.

Please share this around with other readers or artists that are looking for something to do. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.